Wellness treatments at the Kongress Hotel Davos: Alpine classic massage, aromatherapy and more

The comprehensive range of massages and wellness treatments at the Kongress Hotel Davos ensures relaxation from head to toe. In the tranquil atmosphere of the hotel's massage room, you can enjoy relaxing treatments tailored precisely to your needs. And how about going in the sauna afterwards?

Alpine classic massage / sports massage

Classic massage

One of the best known and most widespread massage techniques. It has a relaxing and calming effect on skin, nerves, muscles, tendons, blood circulation and the lymphatic system. The skin and muscles are warmed, kneaded and loosened with various massage techniques. The blood circulation is promoted, waste products are reduced and the muscle tone is normalized.

Sport massage

Before exercise, the massage grips are performed softly and carefully. Not very deep, but more loosening, at most supplemented by soft stretching. After sports activities, the muscles are worked through thoroughly, this contributes to a quick recovery.

Aromatherapy / Alpine Herb

A gentle, soothing massage with a special aromatic oil.

Foot reflexology massage

Every careful touch of the feet with the hands feels pleasant. With a special grip technique, fine, differentiated impulses are set at the reflex zones, which have a harmonizing effect on the person in his entirety. As a gentle and at the same time very effective massage, the foot reflex zone massage is suitable for people of all ages.

Prices for classical massage, sports massage, physiotherapy, foot reflexology

30 Minutes 60 CHF
40 Minutes 80 CHF
50 Minutes 100 CHF
60 Minutes 110 CHF

Hot Stone Massage / Stone Ceremony

The secret of stone therapy lies in the alternating use of hot and cold stones. The effective healing therapy of ancient Indian peoples has been rediscovered and is an absolute wellness experience. The hot stones are made of volcanic rock and the cold ones of marble. The stones are placed on the energy channels of the body and are used for massage. This results in an excellent blood circulation.

75 Minutes 140 CHF

Head / face massage

The massage covers not only the scalp but also the upper back, neck, shoulders and face. It is a wonderful way to release tension, stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and eliminate toxins from the body.

30 Minutes CHF 60.00
60 Minutes CHF 110.00


30 Minutes 60 CHF
60 Minutes 110 CHF

Hot aroma roll

A moist heat treatment. Hot towels are unrolled with pressure. Suitable as a treatment supplement for acute pain or very strong tension.

Only possible during the massage / physiotherapy treatment (free of charge)


Kinesiotapes can be used in case of sports medical injuries, overload damage, lack of stability or pain. Through correct taping, individual muscles are specifically influenced in their activity, swellings and haematomas are reduced, stability is improved and pain is relieved. The tape is stuck directly to the skin, is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Only possible during the massage / physiotherapy treatment

Material costs

kl. Tape 7 CHF
gr. Tape 10 CHF